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Climate and Sustainability Education Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to equip teachers, sustainability leads and their teams, with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to deliver their Climate Action Plans, which need to be in place by 2025.

Hope, Optimism & Action – Dame Prof Alison Peacock

By 2025, all education settings will have nominated a sustainability lead and put in place a climate action plan”

The Department for Education’s (DfE) sustainability leadership and climate action plans initiative

Resources are organised
into categories of:

There are an abundance of resources available, growing all the time. This toolkit pulls together the highest quality resources to support a whole school approach.

DfE Guidance: Sustainability leadership and climate action plans in education, May 2023.


The resources for this toolkit were chosen following a rigorous method, including a review of available climate education resources against quality criteria, consultation with our steering committee and advisory group and using our expansive networks to reach out to climate education experts at every key stage and in every subject area. Our steering committee includes notable names in the education sector such as Dame Professor Alison Peacock from the Chartered College of Teaching and Pearson and OCR. It is chaired by Dame Rachel De Souza, The Children's Commissioner. Our advisory group is made up of current teachers and head teachers as well as learners, to bring in the school and college perspective. See the membership of both groups here.

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Quality Criteria

Quality resources and guidance have been carefully selected to support your journey in embedding climate change and sustainability into your curriculum, bringing your community on board and working towards a more safe and sustainable school or college environment.

Resources have been selected on the basis that they are:


Relevant: They relate directly to climate change and/ or sustainability in the spheres of Curriculum, Careers, Campus, Community and Culture.


Impact driven: Resources have been tried and tested in schools with positive impact.


Reputable organisation: Resources have been created by trustworthy organisations which are respected in their field and work with reputable partners, e.g. a university or expert in the field.


Diversity is represented in the resources and by their creators.

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